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ABOUT Big Bill's Burgers

When we first opened Dee's Hometown Diner in Windham, we didn't expect to have such a huge impact on the community. With the help of the people in my small hometown we watched our business grow into what it is today. So when we were presented the opportunity to open a restaurant in Middlefield, we couldn't pass it up. It was a hard task, and took us over a year to build what we needed to open our doors to the community. We wanted to offer the same family environment and same homestyle cooking that we offer at Dee's. What started off as a dream, following in my Grandmothers foot steps and opening a restaurant, has expanded into something amazing. We hope that Big Bill's can grow just like Dee's did, so we can offer the people of Middlefield great food and service at a great price. So stop in and see us!

Dedria and William Kot

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